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Portrait of Besse Cooper in 2000 About Besse

We're working on a complete biography (hopefully to add interactive features to highlight some of Besse's achievements as well as give the reader richer historical context of how Besse experienced the world living from 1896-2012, as well as a photographic timeline of Besse Cooper's extraordinary life of 116 years (only 43 humans have been scientifically documented as living past the age of 115!) which has never been made public.  Archival quality of such historical photographs vary, but be assured we've got some real gems, including a recent discovery of a photo of Besse at age 5, made along with her extended family in Tennessee.

Since we're on the subject of photographs, the one to the right was taken when she was 103 years old, still living at home, in her beloved farmhouse.  Here we see her enjoying a conversation with one of her grandchildren.

Besse Cooper as a recent college graduate (of what is now East Tennessee State University), teacher and suffragette (one who struggled for women's right to vote).
Circa 1917, Johnson City, Tennessee

Outdoors with a dog at her side, enjoying flowers, this scene would be replayed well over a century. Besse would have several German shepherds and continue gardening at her Georgia farm through age 105.
Circa 1920, Sullivan County, Tennessee

Besse looks upon her older brother, Ralph, with admiration, as the two were very close. This bond would last a lifetime. Ralph traveled from Tennessee to Besse's farm in Georgia, staying several weeks to comfort his sister, after her husband, Luther, died in 1963. Ralph would remain a favorite topic of Besse's stories through her latter years.
Circa 1916, Sullivan County, Tennessee

The header photograph, with "Besse Brown Cooper Foundation" text spanning the roof line, is of her farmhouse, built circa 1870.  Home to her history, she would spend nearly 75 years of her 116 years in this modest, yet beautiful farmhouse.  Home to her extraordinary lifetime of experiences and memories...  home.

Finally, on what was certainly a red letter day in the life of Besse Brown Cooper,
below is the black and white portrait work of world renowned photographer Paul Mobley,
featured in his book If I Live To Be 100: The Wisdom of Centenarians.  Made in June of 2011, here Besse nears her 115th birthday.  On a planet of some 7 billion people, she represented a group of supercentenarians numbering fewer than 30 persons.  Indeed, as the oldest living individual of our species Homo Sapiens Sapiens, she represented all of us.
from suffragette to supercentenarian

Besse Cooper as the oldest living human being on our planet.
Summer 2011, Walton County, Georgia

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