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Portrait of Besse Cooper in 2000 The Farm

Besse Cooper's farm is an essential part of her personal history, a beautiful 50 acre parcel of land, which she purchased on her teacher's salary, back in 1926. Located in the piedmont region of north Georgia, just an hour outside Atlanta, the farm is comprised mostly of woodlands, with an open field at the apex and near center of the farm, with the marshlands of the Alcovy River marking the eastern border. The western side of the property is site of the farmhouse, built circa 1870, from predominantly pine felled from the property. Situated near the farmhouse, under a pair of majestic oak trees, is a smokehouse, a chicken coop, and a wagon barn. A few paces up a hill, to the south, is a grain barn. All four of these ancillary structures, integral to rural farming, are still standing, with tin roofs, built by hand in the 1930s.

The Besse Brown Cooper Foundation is working to save Besse Cooper's farm, preventing its imminent sale and destruction. With your help, we will purchase the farm, nominate it for the U.S. Register of Historic Places, and carefully build ecologically sustainable walking trails, creating Besse Brown Cooper Park. The park will serve as a place of natural beauty for all to enjoy, free of charge, and give people an opportunity to walk and explore where Besse Cooper spent so much of her life. Additionally, Besse's Garden, a community garden, will be created honoring her decades spent joyfully gardening, which she was still doing at age 105.

We urgently need your help to save Besse's farm. Every single contribution counts, no matter the amount. Please consider donating now.

Wagon barn
     the wagon barn (built circa 1930)



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