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Besse Cooper, circa 1917, the suffragette yearsfrom Suffragette to Supercentenarian

"preserving a legacy spanning 116 years"

The World's Oldest Living Person
from June 21, 2011 through
Decemember 4, 2012.

Born in 1896 and living through the year 2012,  Besse Brown Cooper became the eighth human being in history to live to the age of 116, inspiring millions around the world.  Of the 7.4 billion human beings on our planet, Besse was the oldest representative of our species, Homo Sapiens Sapiens
, the eldest human being here on our planet Earth.

As a supercentenarian
, one who lives to age 110 or older, Besse also represented an extraordinarily rare, unique, and yet also underserved group that number fewer than 50 human individuals worldwide at any one time.

Uplifted by her longevity and strength of character, the Besse Brown Cooper Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was established to further her legacy through supporting supercentenarians, helping to reshape the culture in which we perceive and provide for our elders.

Big change begins with small steps.  Besse Cooper's beloved farm is in imminent danger of being sold and developed, forever lost to history.  *Our first step will be to purchase and preserve this cultural landscape from America's Reconstruction Era that is still home to her personal history, her legacy, repurposing it as a park. (*update in our FAQ)  

Please consider donating to help us support supercentenarians and their families, as well as continuing to work towards saving Besse's farm. Your contribution will help immediately in sustaining our work in building this universally important foundation, for #AllOurElders. Thank you.



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